Session 1
Dr. Sudi Patel Rear view mirror
Look on what worked and did not work in presbyopic refractive surgery
Dr. Daniel B. Goldberg Beyond the theories
Biomechanics of accommodation and presbyopia
Claes Feinbaum Patient selection and neuro-adaptation, keys to success in presbyopic refractive surgery
Dr. Sudi Patel A new soft contact lens for myopia control
Dr. Ofer Daphna EndoArt – Artificial Endothelial Implant
Animal model and first in human
Dr. David Davis Mini scleral lens
Dr. Ishay Attar Novel drug delivery in ophthalmology
Dr. Shahaf Zommer Placing the surgeon in the center
A novel 3D visualization platform for retina surgery providing transparent display, data overlay and guidance
Dr. Yariv Bar-On Orca Surgical
Dr. Ofer Daphna Hyper-CL – Premium therapeutic contact lens
Dr. Yakir Kushlin Hanita FullRange lenses
Dr. Johan de Lange Hanita multifocal IOL’s
Dr. Andriy Kovalov Possible effect of induced Higher Order Aberrations (HOA) on myopia control by orthoKeratology
Dr. Ehud I. Assia Visual performance with trifocal and trifocal-toric intraocular lenses
Claes Feinbaum How to measure tear film quality and quantity, the least invasive way
Dr. Johann Krüger Panoptix multifocal lens implantation (with and without capsular tension ring)
Dr. Johan de Lange Comparing 10 multifocal IOL’s over 10 years
Dr. Pavel Stodůlka Presbyopic phakic lens as a solution for presbyopic myopes
Dr. Jérôme Bovet How to increase the premium lenses in ophthalmology networkTrifocal lenses
Dr. Ewa Mrukwa EBK – Method of refractive error correction
Dr. Larysa Tutchenko Does cataract surgery change the refractive index of the cornea?
Session 2
Dr. Vicente Rodríguez Updating in pharmacological treatment of presbyopia
Dr. Giovanna Benozzi Pharmacological treatment for presbyopia
The Benozzi Method
Claes Feinbaum Pharmacological treatment of presbyopia, an update
Dr. Shmuel Levartovsky Eye from Zion
A decade of Israeli humanitarian missions in the field of ophthalmology
Dr. Ewa Mrukwa Hyper-CL in the treatment of bullous keratopathy
Dr. Olga Rozanova Binocularity and neuroplasticity in multifocal intraocular presbyopia correction
Dr. Klaus Ditzen PresbyLasik
Dr. Klaus Ditzen Hyperopic lasik
State of the art
Dr. Andriy Kovalov My own experience with presbyopic refractive surgery
Dr. Mark Wevill Presbyopic corneal inlays, controversies and considerations
Dr. David Smadja Nanotechnologies and visual correction
The next step?
Dr. Andrzej Grzybowski Quality of life and vision in presbyopia surgery
Dr. Larysa Tutchenko What are the real contributions of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces on the post-operative astigmatism?
Dr. Ana Aramburu del Boz Lucidis eDOF IOL
Dr. Ivo Guber Simultaneous cataract surgery, pros and cons
Dr. Vicente Rodríguez Patient premium for multifocal IOL’s in 2018
Dr. Sudi Patel The evolution of eDOV
Claes Feinbaum My Presbymania years (2009-2018)