Session 1
Dr. Erika N. Eskina Different corneal approaches for presbyopia treatment
The comparative study (literature based)
Dr. Frederic Hehn Advantages and disadvantages of the PresbyLASIK ISOVisiony
Dr. Marco Fantozzi Long term results of Flexivue implants
Dr. António Marinho Q Lasik vs Kamra inlay for Presbyopia
Dr. Johann Krüger Managing Presbyopia with a new Intraocular Phakic Contact Lens Implant (EYEPCL) Care Group / EyePharma SA
Dr. Olga Rozanova Binocular Visual System in Presbyopia and Multifocality
Dr. António Lobo Clinical OCT Technology
State of the Art
Dr. Fernando Soler Personal insight on presbyopia correction
Dr. Manuel Tavares Correia Presbyopia
My approach
Claes Feinbaum Pharmacological Treatment of Presbyopia an update
Dr. Vicente Rodríguez PRK, FemtoLasik, PresbyLasik and Pharmacological Treatment of Presbyopia
Dr. Luca Gualdi CMERA
Ciliary Muscle Electrostimulation to Restore Accomodation
Dr. Carlos Vergés Neuromodulation and Quality of vision
Dr. Marco Fantozzi Simultaneous procedure pocket & Femtolasik to implant inlays and correct presbyopia
Dr. Giovanna Benozzi Pharmacological Treatment of Presbyopia
The Benozzi method
Dr. David Smadja Nanotechnologies & presbyopia correction
The next step
Dr. Ramiro Salgado A new IOL for presbyopia correction
Dr. Daniela Seixas Tonic App
A new mobile communication tool
Session 2
Dr. Jose Salgado Borges Quality of vision after Premium IOL’s
Dr. Ana Maria Aramburu Comparison of visual outcomes after bilateral implantation of extendend range of vision and trifocal intraocular lenses
Dr. Leyre Zabala Multifocality different strategies
Dr. Fernando Silva Prognostic predictors in MIOL’s
Dr. Charles Ghenassia Customized MIOL’s for cataract surgery: Presbysmart Plus Premium
Dr. Jérôme Bovet Ablation of IOL
Dr. Magda Rau Mix of Lentis Mplus, Comfort, M plus (x)Toric Comfort Toric to achieve higher patient satisfaction
Dr. Luigi Conti Presbyopia – correcting IOL’s – personal experience
Dr. Tiago Monteiro Trifocal IOL’s
Clinical comparison
Dr. João P. Macedo 3D Tecnhology in Anterior Segment Surgery
Dr. Teresa Pacheco Combined approaches in Presbyopia treatment
Dr. Salvador García-Delpech Intraoperative OCT
Claes Feinbaum Birth of robotiques in cataract surgery
Dr. Helder Crespo Femtosecond Laser in Opthalmology: current trends and future perspectives
Claes Feinbaum Dry eye post refractive surgery & haloes, glare & astigmatism post surgery
Dr. Jérôme Bovet How to increase the percentage of the premium Lenses
Dr. Gustavo Bacelar Promises and challenges for the future of electronic health records
Pr. Manuel Joaquim Marques Innovations in OCT