Session 1
Dr. Jérôme BOVET Introduction
Dr. Frank GOES Gender and Presbyopia
Dr. Frank GOES 8 different methods to realize accommodation
Arun SETHI Community outreach during Covid Pandemic: the Arunodaya experience
Dr. Claes FEINBAUM Computer Eye Syndrome & Being Maître
Dr. Jérôme BOVET Happy patients
Dr. Reena SETHI Shock to Surprise: management of refractive surprises, post-cataract surgery
Session 2
Dr. Jean-Pierre ROZENBAUM Proposed classification of multifocal and EDOF Iol’s
Dr. David SMADJA Monovision satisfaction: Impact of the preoperative simulation trial?
Dr. Cyres MEHTA Simultaneous bilateral trifocal implants for presbyopia
Dr. Magda RAU Mix match of diffractive and asymmetric multifocal IOLs to achieve higher satisfaction of the patients
Dr. Ana ARAMBURU Lucidis
Dr. Mark RABINOVICH Lucidis
Dr. Johann KRUGER Surgical pearls for trifocal and EDOF lenses
Session 3
Dr. Arun SETHI Refractive Laser surgery: Lasik vs PRK, the current update
Dr. Klaus DITZEN PresbyLasik
Dr. Nicolas LUTRAND PresbyCor application: principle and patients management
Dr. Charles GHENASSIA PresbyCor: principle and results
Dr. Ana ARAMBURU Touchup add-on
Dr. Alain HAGEGE Theoretical comparison of CustomQ programming strategies
Dr. David SMADJA Irregular corneas: Laser Therapeutic Surgery
Dr. Roberto BELLUCCI PresbyLasik versus EDOF IOLs aberrations comparison
Dr. Reena SETHI Toric IOL in my practice
Session 4
Dr. David SMADJA Presbyopia eye drops treatment updates
Dr. Claes FEINBAUM Comparison of the presbyopic drops on the market
Dr. Johann KRUGER Femtosecond assisted (FLACS) cataract surgery pearls: my technique
Dr. Magda RAU MIGS with different devices: Istent, Omni and Hydrus