Session 1: Multifocal IOL
Claes Feinbaum Patient management vision4you way before presbyopic refractive surgery
Dr. Johan De Lange The true meaning of « spectacle independence » after multifocal IOL implants
Dr. Damien Gatinel Design Principles and Clinical Results of FineVision Trifocal diffractive IOL
Dr. Jérôme Bovet Why to correct astigmatism for multifocal IOL?
Dr. Frank Goes Difference in patient atisfaction after multifocal lens implantation between men and women
Dr. Amir Hojabr Unilateral multifocal implantation, for which patients?
Session 2: Presbylasik
Dr. Klaus Ditzen Laser Blended Vision – A new procedure to correct presbyopia
Dr. Jérôme Blondel Corneal aspherical treatment for presbyopic status
Dr. Frederic Hehn Advanced-isovision: handling of the software
Dr. Vicente Rodriguez Presbylasik: limits with the wavelight allegretto platform
Dr. Eskina E.N Presbyopia correction using the excimer laser Schwind Amaris
Dr. Khiskin Y.I Presby-lasik using the Technolas and VISX
Dr. Charles Ruchon Accomodation restoration with presbylasik – New era
Dr. Fabien Pinon Flap ablation post lasik complication on 10 cases, management and results
Session 3: Inlay and innovations
Dr. Rupal Shah ReLEx Smile
Dr. Mark Wevill Vue + corneal inlay (about 50 patients)
Dr. Alois Dexi Kamra Acufocus Inlay
Dr. Iwane Mitsui Permanent Myopia reduction by following Crosslinking with Ortho-K