Session 1
Claes Feinbaum Patient selection and neuro-adaptation, keys to success in presbyopic refractive surgery
Dr. Johann Krüger Avoiding patient dissatisfaction after IOL implantation
Dr. Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek The quality of life after implantation of Premium lenses in presbyopic patients
Dr. Cyres Mehta EDOF Lara bilateral implants for presbyopia. Immediate sequential monofocal/trifocals implants for presbyopia(one eye mono the other tri)
Dr. Charles Ghenassia The role of accommodation in the Presbycor Equivision treatment
Dr. Magda Rau Explantation of different multifocal IOLs and how to avoid it
Dr. Charles Ghenassia Presbycor Equivision, basis and future prospectsWhat next? We have optical results, but what goes on in the brain?
Dr. Magda Rau Mix and match with a trifocal diffractive IOL and an asymmetric MFIOL to improve patient satisfaction
Dr. Sudi Patel TICL: The incidence and management of surprise postop astigmatism after implanting the toric collamer lens
Dr. Johann Krüger Trifocal vs Mini-Monovision
Dr. Magda Rau Improvement of visual and functional outcomes after Implantation of Lentis Mplus toric X versus Lentis Mplus X
Dr. Giovanna Benozzi Advances in Pharmacological Treatment for Presbyopia Benozzi’s Method
Dr. Jérôme Bovet Trinova – new sinusoïdal trifocal lens
Dr. Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek Sinusoidal intraocular lens in cataract surgery and its effect on the quality of patients’ vision
Session 2
Dr. Klaus Ditzen Presbylasik
Dr. António Marinho Is there a future for cornea-based presbyopia surgery?
Dr. Charles Ghenassia Presbylasik with Presbycor Equivision Treatment and results without monovision
Dr. Klaus Ditzen Hyperopic lasik: State of the art
Dr. Klaus Ditzen Management of complications in corneal refractive surgery
Dr. Sudi Patel Does pateint age influence the outcome of Hyperopic or Presbyopic Lasik? If so, why?
Dr. Piotr Jurowski Intrepid Transformer I / A Handpiece Clareon / system implantacyjnyAutonome innowacyjne rozwiązania w chirurgii zaćmy
Pr. Keiki Mehta Moulding the keratoconic cornea with the rose contact lens following UV light and Riboflavin (C3R)
Pr. Keiki Mehta Enhancing results of Presbyopia corrective lenticular surgery
Dr. Pavel Stodůlka Collagen presbyopic inlay Clinical results
Claes Feinbaum Pharmacological & Nanotechnologies treatment of presbyopia – an update
Dr. Giovanna Benozzi Ocular Surface Evaluation in patients treated with Pharmacological Treatment for Presbyopia
Dr. Giovanna Benozzi Signal transduction by muscarinic stimulation in the pig ciliary muscle
Dr. Johann Krüger Managing Presbyopia in post Lasik Patients: Intraocular Phacic Contact Lens implantation – IPCL
Claes Feinbaum Upcoming Presbymania meetings aroud the world