Session 1
Dr. Jérôme Bovet How work the accomodation?
Claes Feinbaum An update of presbyopic refractive surgery
Dr. Gilles Lesieur Image-Guided in Ophthalmic Surgery: interest in 2015
Dr. Salvador García Delpech The final cut: surgical correction of Presbyopia
Dr. Mark Wevill The new AMO Symfony multifocal lens: A breakthrough for Presbyopia or just another lens?
Session 2
Dr. Jérôme Blondel A new approach of the Presbyopia management in Cataract Surgery
Dr. Sudi Patel Bridging the gap: depth of field with a trifocal IOL at distance and near
Dr. Johan De Lange Which Multifocal IOL is the safest? ReSTOR, Mplus, FineVision?
Dr. Ramiro Salgado AT LISA Tri & LISA Tri Toric
Dr. Humberto Carreras Low addition Tecnis Multifocal IOLs
Session 3
Dr. Ramón Ruiz Mesa New concept in advanced technology lenses
Dr. Luis Cadarso Presbyopia correction with a pseudophakic bioanalogic polyfocal IOL (WIOL-CF)
Dr. Fernando Soler Monocular Presbyopia surgery with Multifocal IOL
Dr. Angel López Castro Low addition Bifocal Lenses plus Monovision
Dr. Magda Rau Results and experience after the implantation of Lentis M Plus X Toric
Dr. Joaquín Fernández New method of evaluation of defocus curves with sensitivity contrast in different Multifocal IOLs
Dr. Vicente Rodríguez Pharmacological treatment of Presbyopia: current approach
Dr. José L. Güell ArtiLens Presby: the concept
Dr. Juan C. Rocco Pharmacological Treatment of Presbyopia: 5 years of follow up
Dr. Roberto Albertazzi Presbyopia and Keratoconus
Dr. José F. Alfonso Near vision in patients with Intracorneal segment ring and monofocal IOL
Session 4
Dr. Charles Ghenassia Why I use PresbyCor
Dr. Frédéric Hehn Isovision for everyone
Dr. Roberto Pinelli Pinelli PresbyProfile: the last generation of presbylasik: concept and results
Dr. Margarita Cabanás When and how should be treat Presbyopia
Dr. Federico Alonso My personal experience with Raindrop: Highlights
Dr. Francisco Sánchez Kamra Inlay in presbyopic patients
Dr. Luis Salvá The missing link in Presbyopia: the new Implantable Phakic Contact Lens