Dr. Jérôme Bovet Welcome speach
  Session 1: Introduction and new technology
Dr. Johan De Lange The cumulative effect of optical and non-optical factors on the treatment of presbyopia
Dr. Salvador Garcia- Delpech Quality of life and presbyopia
Claes Feinbaum Presbyopic refractive surgery today and tomorrow
Dr. Iwane Mitsui New microwave technology of correcting presbyopia
Dr. Juan Rocco Topic (drops) treatment for Presbyopia
Dr. Frank Goes The PHACOERSATZ: how di dit start where do we go ?
Session 2: Presbylasik
Dr. Roberto Pinelli P-curve: a new algorithm for presbylasik technique
Dr. Klaus Ditzen Blended Vision: a new excimer laser-technique to correct presbyopia
Dr. Frederic Hehn Isovision: a new predictable software for Presbylasik
Dr. Osama Ibrahim Long term results of presbylasik for hyperopia using asphericity-adjustment
Session 3: Intracor
Dr. Alain Telandro Intra stromal refractive surgery: retreatment
Dr Sinan Goker SUPRACOR, New Presby-lasik Algorithm by Technolas 217 p
Dr. Marc Wevill Intracor – 1 year Ultralase results
Session 4: IOL
Dr. Manzar Saeed Tecnis MFIOL Experience
Dr. Sudi Patel Depth of Focus: comparing range of vision that can be achieved using i) Multifocal IOL, ii) accomodative IOL iii) The ‘add-on’ IOL
Dr. Ahmad Khalil Effective Monovision, an answer to multifocal potentially dissatisfied candidates
Dr. Jérôme Bovet Tri-Mics, toric & multifocal IOL
Dr. Frank Goes Final result of the happy patient program: how to improve on patient selection for multifocal iol’s