Dr. Jérôme Bovet Welcome speach
Dr. Johan De Lange Philosophical discussion of Presbyopia and its treatment
Claes Feinbaum Neuroadaptation- the key to sucess to correct presbyopia surgically
Dr. Salvador Garcia- Delpech Customized Presbyopia Correction: Opening a new market ?
Dr. Jérôme Blondel Managment of Presbyopia with modifying corneo asphericity with Allegretto laser
Dr. Roberto Pinelli P curve: a new concept to correct presbyopia through excimer laser
Dr. Charles Ghenassia Corneal asphericity modification: presbyopia compensation or accomadation restauration?
Dr. Nada Jabbur My experience with presbyopic multifocal ablations using the VISX platform: patient selection and results
Dr. Cyres Mehta Indian experience of presbymax laser correction for presbyopia in 50 years
Dr. Keiki Mehta Presbyopic lasik ans the role of residual accomodation
Dr. Mark Wevill Initial experiences with the TPV Intracor procedure
Dr. Sinan Goker Treatment of Hyperopic, Post-Lasik and Pseudophakic Presbyopia with IntraCOR: 2 year results
Dr. Dominique Pietrini Corneal approach of Presbyopia Presby Lasik or intracor
Dr. Tobias Neuhann Corneal Inlay for Presbyopia
Dr. Iwane Mitsui Presbyopia Orthokeratology and Crosslinking
Dr. Vicente Rodriguez Femtolasik after refractive Lensectomy with diffractive multifocal (Restor +3.00) IOLs for Emmetropia
Dr. Philippe Chastang Presbysmart Plus versus AT Lisa
Dr. Frank Goes Final outcomes of a patient selection tool for implantation of multifocal lenses
Dr. Johan De Lange Comparative study between the ReStor Multifocal IOL and the Cristalens Accomodating IOL
Dr. Sudi Patel Success with Accomodative IOLs: simple maths to increase patient satisfaction
Dr. Frank Goes Hyperopia and Presbyopia correction using the Synchrony dual accomodating lens; a novel approach
Dr. Marc Tomalla 12 months results after implantation of the accomodative IOL, Crystalens HD,including the advantages of specific YAG Laser Capsulotomie
Claes Feinbaum Light Adjustable Lens – choose your own modality for presbyopia correction
Dr. Nada Jabbur Managing a dissatisfied patient after presbyopic IOLs
Dr. Gilles Lesieur Optimization of Z4-0 aberration in MICS for improvement of pseudo accomodation
Dr. Jérôme Bovet TriMics